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Create, Promote, and Maintain The health and wellness of law enforcement officers

Our Mission

The mission of Protecting the Guardian is to create, promote, and maintain the health and wellness of law enforcement officers through education and training. It is through this education and training that officers will be empowered to succeed in their careers as well as in their personal lives.

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Our Goals

To educate and train officers and their families on the prevention of stress, trauma, suicide, and the impact of the job. To emphasize the three pillars of pride: self, job, and family.

Self – officers will take pride in oneself both physically and mentally.

Job – officers take pride in one’s job, to serve with duty, honor, and if need be, sacrifice.

Family – officers will take pride in family, to care and be there by recognizing the importance of one’s own family, that the family stands with them, and they stand with their family.

Protecting the Guardian was formed on three tenets:

  • Pride for self, for job, for family.
  • Preventing a fellow brother or sister from dying by suicide.
  • Prevailing by succeeding in all aspects of one’s life both personally and professionally.

Training, Seminars & Workshops