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Trease Gheorghe

Trease Gheorghe <br/> RN, BSN, LNC, Integrative Functional Medicine Practitioner

Trease Gheorghe
RN, BSN, LNC, Integrative Functional Medicine Practitioner

Trease Gheorghe RN, BSN, LNC, Integrative Functional Medicine Practitioner, has over 20 years in healthcare practice focusing on cardiology, critical care, health coaching and lifestyle wellness.  Trease owns and operates a mixed martial arts gym with her husband focusing on self defense, education of proper physical and mental wellness. She remains active in sports and physical training through her career in health care knowing how important the physical aspect of the body is directly related to mental wellness.  Caring for patients of the 20 plus years, she incorporated a holistic “whole body” wellness to their plan of care realizing the reduction of prescriptive medications, weigh loss, improved home relationships are directly related to physical and mental wellness.

            Trease became a certified personal trainer, nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner while continuing her career in nursing to grasp a more in depth concept of using food as medicine to heal the body.  She has incorporated this practice into her own lifestyle becoming a national fitness competitor and with the client base at her gym with much success.

            Trease continues her nursing career at Advent Health in Orlando, Florida where she manages 30 plus Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, a vascular outpatient surgery center and the Cardiology Wellness Center. She has implemented the “whole body” wellness into the Cardiology Wellness Center for patients with congestive heart failure, cardiac bypass surgery, cardiac valve surgery to basic blood pressure concerns, cholesterol elevation and obesity.

            Aside from her nursing career, she operates her mixed martial arts gym with her husband, speaks as a wellness advocate locally and nationally, has her own client based for Functional Medicine and speaks nationally on Mental Wellness and Suicide Prevention which was her platform in 2019 and 2020 for Mrs. Orlando International. She is an ambassador for non profit foundations supporting mental wellness and the community.  Her passion for mental wellness and suicide prevention came to light when she lost her father by suicide in 2014.