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Nick Ghidina

Nick G <br> <i>Field Training Officer</I>

Nick G
Field Training Officer

Nicholas is a Field Training Officer and 5-year veteran of the Arlington Police Department. For the past 3 years, Nicholas has been a member of his department’s Peer Support Team, which specializes in a proactive and wholistic approach to meeting the many needs of Officers.

Through these efforts, Nicholas has responded to Critical-Incident call outs, has led and assisted in Officer group debriefs, and has assisted in various trainings and outreach efforts all supporting Officer health and wellness. In October of 2021, Nicholas opened the doors to Cop Church Arlington, which is a Law Enforcement Officer, family, and Professional Support Church body, which offers biblical-based, Jesus-centered messages for Officers.

These services preach the message of Christ’s love and sacrifice, all on the foundation of the belief that Christian Officers are Called by God and as Brothers and Sisters in Christ we are born for adversity and love at all times. Nicholas has been in ministry for the past 15 years, and got his start leading a local youth ministry. In the same small Texas town,

Nicholas also facilitated Hockey Ministries Int to begin a small Chapel with his teammates. Nicholas has spoken on a variety of podcasts about his police and servant philosophies and more specifically, has been featured on the App, Blue Life Support, where he details his experience of an on-duty critical incident.